Our Picks

Authors: McKenzie Hiebsch, Roxi Wessel, Guillermo Gaucin, Silas Thornton

 COFFEE (medium and dark roast)

The object we chose to expand on was coffee, which we thought was a perfect fit for our purposes, due to its importance in the history and culture of Costa Rica. All of our group members bought at least one bag of coffee (medium or dark roast) from the organic coffee plantation we visited, Finca La Bella. After our tour of the plantation, lead by Aldemar (the coffee master) and a guide from our lodge, Ernesto, we each got a complimentary cup of coffee and the chance to purchase some for ourselves and families. 

To us, coffee signifies the amount of work put into making a living and in making others happy, as well as how much the coffee will truly be enjoyed by others. Costa Rican coffee is appreciated as among the finest in the world, and many enjoy it to its full potential, both here and globally. Some believe the quality of Costa Rican coffee has never been surpassed. 

The cultural significance is also huge, and coffee couldn’t be more immersed in Costa Rican culture than it is currently. However, global warming is making it increasingly difficult to grow coffee at current elevations, and coffee farmers may have to relocate to higher elevations in search of cooler temperatures in the near future. Luckily, coffee is still being produced and harvested on a regular basis today. 

The choice of coffee for our souvenir was, to us, obvious. Coffee is buried so deeply in the culture, as well as being a treat for people around the world - especially the organic, hand-made coffee from Finca La Bella in which few machines are involved. Everyone should get to experience the pristine beauty of Costa Rican coffee.