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Editor's Note

By Liz Kennedy 

Eight days can change your life. Eight days of traveling, serving, learning and growing in a country far from home: Costa Rica. From the green, exotic lowlands of Sarapiqui to the lush, misty jungles of the cloud forest in Monteverde, Lincoln Middle School students came to make a difference and found themselves profoundly changed by the people and places they met along the way. In Heredia Province we visited an elementary school where a game of soccer and a shared loved of playing helped us make friends across the barriers of language and culture. In Sarapiqui we experienced firsthand the glorious sights, smells and sounds of the rainforest and gained a deeper appreciation of the need to protect this one-of-a-kind natural resource. We learned about the healing powers of plants that grow in the rainforest, which helped us better understand the critical role the rainforest plays in our lives. In Monteverde we visited the Community Center in the small town of San Luis, where we helped construct a path in a local park and painted benches to beautify a community gathering area. Along our journey we felt ourselves pushed and stretched by every new encounter and experience. Eight days to discover a new country, eight days to serve and to learn, eight days that will stay with us for all of the days of our lives.  

Group photo by Julie Israelson 

Sand photo by Lucille Glassman